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Do I have to purchase my cruise in advance?

Yes, advance purchase is required. Tickets can be bought by phone with a Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

What is the duration of the cruise?

We offer a two-hour cruise.

How many people can ride?

Cycle Cruises accommodates up to 14 passengers, consisting of a minimum of 10 pedallers (the more the merrier!), and 4 non-pedallers. For your comfort, our bicycle seats are fully adjustable and have backrests. Roomy, padded bench seating is perfect for VIPs and guests of honor.

What about the weather?

One of the wonderful assets to visiting The Burg is our gorgeous weather year-round. In the event of extreme conditions, we will offer a credit for a future event.

Is smoking permitted on the Cycle Cruise?

No. Any smoking-related burns to Cycle Cruiser will be charged to your credit card.

Are beverages and food allowed on Cycle Cruises?

Yes!! Food and beverages are allowed. This is a BYOB cruise. Beer and wine are acceptable. No glass is allowed and bottles will be opened prior to departure in provided plastic containers.

Who is onboard with us?

We provide a licensed driver who controls braking and steering.Your cruise director can answer any questions, cater to your needs, and ensure a fun time for everyone.

Can anyone ride on Cycle Cruises?

Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. You must be at least 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. (Yes, we check I.D.) It's likely we can find a place for you on our fully adjustable bicycle seats or rear bench seat. Low-step running boards and well-placed handlebars make boarding easy. Height and weight restrictions may apply to bicycle seats but our bench seat can accommodate most riders.

How fast will we travel?

On a level surface, with everyone pedalling, Cycle Cruises travels approximately 6 miles per hour.

May I bring personal items on board?

We've got plenty of storage space. Each person has their own cup holder, a rear seat bin holds personal items, and hooks for your purse/bag are within easy reach. Built-in cooler storage is available for bottled water and any alcoholic beverages you bring for your cruise.

Do we make stops?

Yes, our two-hour cruise allows 2-3 stops with 20-30 minute increments. The cruise must end at the warehouse within the two-hour time slot. If overages occur, extra charges will be billed to your credit card.

Who is in charge?

Our driver and cruise director are in full command. Our host leads the tour, helps make the ride more entertaining, and communicates with the driver when necessary. The driver is responsible for your safety, it is imperative that you follow the driver's instructions to the letter.

Is there music?

Our impressive sound system directs clean sound to the riders. Bring your smart device, playlist and ENJOY!

Is there parking?

We're located in the heart of Central Avenue where all the action happens. Downtown St. Petersburg offers street parking, open lot parking, and covered garage parking for your convenience.

Do you have suggestions about attire?

Comfortable clothing is recommended. Flip-flops and stilettos should be avoided, if possible. Open-toed shoes are okay so long as they have a heel strap. If you are comfortable walking in the shoes you're wearing, you should be okay to pedal.

Is there a restroom?

The meet-up location at A Taste For Wine has a restroom. The warehouse from where we depart from does not have a restroom.

Can anyone not ride the Cycle Cruise?

As with any physical activity, you should consult with your doctor before performing this activity.

Where to we meet up to begin the cruise?

The meet-up address for the Cycle Cruise is at A Taste for Wine:

A Taste for Wine

241 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, FL 33701


The start & finsh location is the Cycle Cruise Warehouse at:

Cycle Cruise Warehouse

320 2nd Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL 33701